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Thursday, January 21, 2010

WarpPLS running on a Mac? Sure!

When WarpPLS was first made available, I told a colleague of mine that it would probably run on a Mac without problems. Without trying, he said: No way Jose!

Then he really tried (using virtualization software, more below); it worked, and his response: Maybe u wuz royt eh!?

I have since received a few emails from WarpPLS users who own Mac computers. They run WarpPLS on those computers, without problems, even though WarpPLS was designed to be used with Windows.

How is that possible?

Those users have virtualization (a.k.a., virtual machine) software installed on their computers, which allow them to run WarpPLS on different types of computers, including Mac computers.

The virtualization software actually allows them to run the Windows operating system (typically the XP or 7 versions) on a Mac computer. They then install WarpPLS on the Windows virtual machine created by the virtualization software.

It seems that VMware is one of the most popular virtualization software systems in this respect.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this post is a bit misleading. The software does not run on MacOS directly.

- the software only runs on Windows
- regardless the computer that is running Windows...
- so you still need a Windows license to run the software :-(

Ned Kock said...

Hi Anon. There are multiple options available. See the following:

5 Ways to Run Windows Software on a Mac