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Monday, June 3, 2013

Multi-group analyses with WarpPLS: The pooled standard error and Satterthwaite methods

I have been asked how the standard errors reported by WarpPLS can be used in multi-group analyses using the pooled standard error and Satterthwaite methods.

These issues, as well as other related issues, are now addressed in one single publication, with references, recent released as a ScriptWarp Systems research report:

Kock, N. (2013). Advanced mediating effects tests, multi-group analyses, and measurement model assessments in PLS-based SEM. Laredo, TX: ScriptWarp Systems.

PDF file:

The report includes all of the equations used, and also addresses other tests, such as a test of mediating effects using the Sobel method.

Revised Excel spreadsheets are available from to automate the calculations for mediating effects tests and multi-group analyses, respectively: