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Monday, December 4, 2017

Data labels

In WarpPLS data labels can be added through the menu options “Add data labels from clipboard” and “Add data labels from file”. Data labels are text identifiers that are entered by you through these options, one column at a time.

Like the original numeric dataset, the data labels are stored in a table. Each column of this table refers to one data label variable, and each row to the corresponding row of the original numeric dataset.

Data labels can be shown on graphs (as illustrated above), either next to each data point that they refer to, or as part of the legend for a graph. The short video linked below illustrates this.

Once they have been added, data labels can be viewed or saved using the “View or save data labels” option.

Data labels can also be used to discover moderating effects, as discussed in the blog post linked below.

This can be done in conjunction with the “Explore full latent growth” option, which provides a powerful alternative for the identification of moderating effects: