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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project files in WarpPLS: Small but information-rich

Project files in WarpPLS are saved with the “.prj” extension, and contain all of the elements needed to perform an SEM analysis. That is, they contain the original data used in the analysis, the graphical model, the inner and outer model structures, and the results.

Once an original data file is read into a project file, the original data file can be deleted without effect on the project file. The project file will store the original location and file name of the data file, but it will no longer use it.

Project files may be created with one name, and then renamed using Windows Explorer or another file management tool. Upon reading a project file that has been renamed in this fashion, the software will detect that the original name is different from the file name, and will adjust the name of the project file accordingly.

Different users of this software can easily exchange project files electronically if they are collaborating on a SEM analysis project. This way they will have access to all of the original data, intermediate data, and SEM analysis results in one single file.

Project files are relatively small. For example, a complete project file of a model containing 5 latent variables and 32 indicators will typically be only approximately 200 KB in size. Simpler models may be stored in project files as small as 50 KB.

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