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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hands-On Workshop on PLS-SEM with WarpPLS; 12-13 August 2017; Penang, Malaysia

Hands-On Workshop on PLS-SEM with WarpPLS; 12-13 August 2017; Penang, Malaysia

*** WarpPLS version 6.0 will be used ***

Structural equation modeling (SEM), or path analysis with latent variables, is one of the most general and comprehensive statistical analysis methods. Path analysis, multiple regression, ANCOVA, ANOVA and other widely used statistical analysis methods can be seen as special cases of SEM.

WarpPLS 6.0 is a very user-friendly and powerful SEM software tool, arguably the first of its kind to implement linear and nonlinear algorithms. It provides one of the most extensive sets of SEM outputs. Among other things it automatically calculates indirect and total effects and respective P values, as well as full collinearity estimates.

This workshop (details below) is aimed at beginner and intermediate SEM practitioners. Among possible participants are those who are interested in: (a) being productive co-authors or research collaborators, even if not doing SEM analyses themselves; (b) conducting basic SEM analyses occasionally in the future; (c) conducting SEM analyses of intermediate complexity on a regular basis.

Participants will receive a one-year license of WarpPLS 6.0. See the link below for more details on this software.

*** Registration and additional details ***

Please contact Dr. S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh via one of the emails below:

*** Instructor ***

Ned Kock, Ph.D.
WarpPLS Developer

*** Location and dates ***

Vistana Hotel
Penang, Malaysia
12-13 August 2017 (Sat-Sun), 9 am–5 pm

Link with location on Google Maps:

*** Workshop program at a glance ***

The main goal of this workshop is to give participants a practical understanding of how to use the software WarpPLS to conduct variance-based SEM. The workshop is very hands-on and covers linear and nonlinear applications. Many topics will be covered directly or indirectly, depending on the questions received from the participants, who are welcome to bring their own datasets to the workshop. Below is a tentative overview of the topics covered:

Day 1 of workshop

- SEM Analysis with WarpPLS (all steps)
- Open or Create Project File to Save Work
- Read Raw Data Used in SEM Analysis
- Pre-process Data for SEM Analysis
- Define Variables and Links in SEM Model
- Perform SEM Analysis and View Results
- View Skewness and Kurtosis
- Conduct a Moderating Effects Analysis
- View Moderating Effects via 3D and 2D Graphs
- Create and Use Second Order Latent Variables
- View Indirect and Total Effects
- View Nonlinear Relationships

Day 2 of workshop

- Conduct a Factor-Based PLS-SEM Analysis
- Use Consistent PLS Factor-Based Algorithms
- Explore Statistical Power and Minimum Sample Size
- Explore Conditional Probabilistic Queries
- Explore Full Latent Growth
- Conduct Multi-Group Analyses
- Assess Measurement Invariance
- Create Analytic Composites
- Test and Control for Endogeneity
- Estimate Reciprocal Relationships
- Explore Numeric-to-Categorical Conversion
- Explore Categorical-to-Numeric Conversion
- View Indicator Correlation Matrix Fit Indices

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