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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Incompatibility between WarpPLS and XLSTAT

Most users seem to have no problems installing and running WarpPLS. A minority have problems with the MATLAB Compiler Runtime, which can be addressed by following the instructions on this post.

A very small number of users seem to be unable to properly install and run WarpPLS, even after following the instructions above. A common, but not exclusive, error message in this case is: “An application has made an attempt load the C runtime library incorrectly”.

One common characteristic among these users is that they have the software XLSTAT installed on their computers. I have already received a few reports suggesting XLSTAT changes operating system settings in such a way as to prevent WarpPLS from properly running.

When those users removed XLSTAT from their computers, they were able to run WarpPLS without problems.

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Ned Kock said...

I should add that WarpPLS does not seem to interfere with XLSTAT, only the other way around.