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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Windows Vista issue with WarpPLS 1.0: mclmcrrt710.dll was not found

(Note: This post refers to version 1.0 of WarpPLS only.)

Some Windows Vista users have reported a problem installing and running WarpPLS 1.0. The error message  looks like this:

"WarpPLS_1_0.exe - Unable To Locate Component: This application has failed to start because mclmcrrt710.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

This seems to be a problem of incompatibility between the MATLAB Compiler Runtime and Windows Vista. The problem appears to occur in some computer configurations, but not all of them.

The solution below has worked so far for all users that contacted me with this problem:

- Check your "Program Files" directory, and make sure that you have this folder there: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v710\runtime\win32.

- If yes (usually the case when this problem occurs), go to the Windows command prompt, and enter this:

set PATH=C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v710\runtime\win32;%PATH%

(See screen snapshot below).

- Then restart the computer, and try to run WarpPLS again.

- If only restarting the computer does not work; reinstall WarpPLS, and then try to run WarpPLS again.


Steve said...

Dear Ned,

Thanks you so much for this information! I ran across this error using an open source package for CNV detection (QuantiSNP v2.3 Beta), and when I did a search on this error I found your post. I follewed your instructions and it fixed that problem (but unfortunately, the Beta has another problem with it and I'm waiting for the developer to get back to me). The Web is truly an amazing thing. Thanks again!
--Steve Millard

Ned Kock said...

Hi Steve.

You are welcome. I have also been alerted by some users of a problem involving XLSTAT. Apparently XLSTAT prevents WarpPLS from running properly:

toto said...

I use Matlab2008 and get mclmcrrt78.dll. I try to running a program and get error
"Could not find version 7.10 of the MCR".
I think this is because that program use Matlab2009a. Can you share to me this file "mclmcrrt78.dll" ?
Thank you very much.



Ned Kock said...

Hi toto. WarpPLS does not require MATLAB to be installed to run. All you need is in the installation .exe file that contains WarpPLS.

I suggest you try version 2.0 of WarpPLS; it employs a newer runtime. No installation problems have been reported so far with version 2.0.

Kabiru Maitama Kura said...

Hi Ned,

How can I delete loading that are having lower indicator loadings in WrapPLS?

Ned Kock said...

Hi Kabiru. This video may be useful:

Solve Indicator Problems in WarpPLS

aalia lyon said...

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Thank you
Aalia lyon

Anonymous said...

I'm just installed WarpPLS 4.0 free trial, but the program asking me about license number. May I know how to get licence number for free trial?


Ned Kock said...

The free trial version does not require a license for use within the trial period. Occasionally the free trial version will not work properly due to an installation problem. See the post linked below: