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Monday, April 29, 2013

Testing mediating effects directly with WarpPLS

Since version 3.0, WarpPLS allows users to test mediating effects directly through inspection of coefficients generated for indirect and total effects, which include P values.

This allows for the direct test, without having to resort to intermediate calculations (e.g., Baron & Kenny; Preacher & Hayes), of mediation of various levels of complexity (e.g., multiple mediation).

WarpPLS also calculates total effects and respective P values, in addition to indirect effects. All of these are calculated whether linear or nonlinear analyses are conducted.

The two video clips below explain how to interpret indirect and total effects, and how to isolate complex mediating effects:

- View Indirect and Total Effects in WarpPLS

- Isolate Mediating Effects in WarpPLS

If you still want to use the Baron & Kenny and/or Preacher & Hayes approaches, please see the following blog posts: