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Monday, December 6, 2010

Error writing on System.sys at WarpPLS 1.0 start

(Note: This post refers to version 1.0 of WarpPLS only. The System.sys file has been renamed System.wrp in version 2.0 to avoid this problem.)

Some users may receive an error message on the WarpPLS command prompt window indicating that the System.sys file cannot be updated. This issue occurs when WarpPLS is launched, and seems to happen with a few Windows 7 users.

Even with this error, WarpPLS runs normally on the trial version. However, it does not allow a user to update the license information.

To solve this problem on Windows 7, follow the steps below. Similar steps related to granting users full control over a file should be followed with other Windows operating systems.

1) Go to the folder containing the WarpPLS program. Typically this will be:

    C:\Program Files\WarpPLS 1.0

2) Right-click on the file System.sys, and then choose properties.

3) Click on the Security tab.

4) Click on the Users group, and then on the button to change permissions.

5) Check the option to give the group Users full control on the System.sys file.

This problem occurs because Windows 7 does not seem to grant all computer administrator rights to new users, even when those users are included in the Administrators group.

By following the instructions on this post, you will essentially be allowing any user to change the System.sys file while running WarpPLS. This should not be a problem, as long as no user decides to manually delete the System.sys file.